Unleash Your Inner Artist Opening Night at the Pawparazzi Film Festival


Who, What, When

Come help us celebrate opening day of the Pawparazzi Film Festival!

On January 22, 2016, we look forward to partnering with The Paint Mixer to celebrate the opening of the Pawparazzi Film Festival. The Paint Mixer’s Paint-A-Pet party is to be held at the Pawparazzi Film Festival headquarters, (Suite 160) across the bridge from the Megaplex Theatres in the Gateway Mall. Signs will be everywhere to mark the spot (no pun intended).

Purchase your tickets today! 

If you’re looking for an afternoon full of unique entertainment, fun and laughter, get your tickets now by going to pawparazzifilmfestival.com, (space is limited). What better way to celebrate than to paint the pet you love, for an amazing cause?  Proceeds go to Best Friends Animal Society and participating animal rescue organizations.

Where & Why

For the love of painting and pets!

The Paint Mixer is offering a two-hour step-by-step instruction by lead artists, all materials and supplies, set-up and clean-up, and a beverage service that offers education about the featured wines, champagne, mimosas, local beers and non-alcoholic beverages for the younger guests.

“Simply bring along your imagination and a photo of your pet and be guided throughout the creative process,” says Lecher.

Guests need no prior paint experience (or talent) to enjoy this fun filled event. Or if you do not have a pet, bring a photo of your favorite animal, paint, and donate your work to the silent auction to be held the next day at the Festival.

Purchase your tickets today! 

The Paint Mixer is Utah’s premier paint and wine studio, recently won Best Paint Studio and 3rd Best Date Night in Utah by City Weekly. They offer unique entertainment that is sweeping the nation! “At the end of an event, guests leave with their masterpieces and memories of a great experience,” says Lecher. “Music, mingling with others and wine instruction help to create a fun and relaxed social setting perfect for tapping into one’s inner artist and enjoying time with friends, family and colleagues,” Lecher continues. There are two locations to enjoy a Paint Mixer experience: one in Sugarhouse and one in Park City, so wherever your plans take you in the Salt Lake area you have an opportunity to create memories. People of all ages can enjoy this type of entertainment.

Do you remember how you felt in Kindergarten, the first time you put on your daddy’s shirt and stood in front of an easel to paint? As adults, the same feelings return at The Paint Mixer’s, Paint- A-Pet events, (minus daddy’s old shirt), but with an optional glass of wine. The first time I met Nicky Lecher, founder of The Paint Mixer, in front of her Sugarhouse Studio, she unlocked the door to my 5-year-old self. Paint time was the only happy memory I have and the only thing that took my mind off leaving mommy, during my kindergarten experience.

My eyes must have been as large as baseballs when I tried to contain my excitement looking around her studio. I noticed the featured paintings on the walls from Paint Mixer addicts, previous work and I wondered if I would be able to do the same. The bright colors, brushes, paints and smells flashed back in my memories. I pictured myself sitting at one of the easels.  “Our Paint-A-Pet events allow guests to capture the personality of their loved ones,” Lecher told me while the only thing I could think about was painting my little poodle who passed away last Christmas.  I shook my head back to the moment, and we began talking about working together for the opening Gala Premier Party of this year’s Pawparazzi Film Festival.

Purchase your tickets today! 

Thank you

On behalf of Pets in the City Magazine and the Pawparazzi Film Festival, we would like to thank Nicky Lecher and The Paint Mixer for volunteering to help us raise money for Best Friends Animal Society and our local participating animal rescues in Utah. 

By: Debbie Myers