We’re ready to see your photos!

There will be 2 WINNERS!

Here’s your chance to have your photo featured on Pets in the City Magazine’s January or February cover!


January theme: New Year’s Resolution / New Beginnings
February theme: Valentine’s Day / Love / Unusual Pet Friends

Photo must be taken in vertical format. Final size will fit 8.75” wide x 10” tall, but leave space for adjustments and headline text. Bright colors are best.

Staff picks will be chosen according to photo clarity, layout and relevance to the theme you choose. High-resolution Iphone photos are acceptable. This means make sure your subject is in focus and you have good lighting (sunlight is best).

That’s it. Have fun!


You can photograph more than one pet, use props or clothes, etc. Get creative! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Submissions close December 10th. Winners will be announced December 15th.

Send your hi-res photo to info@petsinthecitymagazine.com.
Please put “PHOTO CONTEST” in the subject line.