Purrfect Gifts for Your Furry – Feathered – Friends


So, you’re ticking off the holiday gift list. Mom’s taken care of. Your brother? Done. But your four-legged friends haven’t been checked off. No problem: we’ve got you covered.

Pamper a furry friend with a Bobbi Panter Pet Product gift basket. Whether you’re interested in the Let’s Make Dog Biscuits pumpkin biscuit mix and pan, the Gorgeous Dog Grooming Van with all its grooming goodies, or one of several other fun options, the pet in your life with thank you. Bobbi’s line of pet care products includes natural shampoos and conditioners that are salt free, pH balanced (so they’re tear free), concentrated for more washes per bottle, and designed to treat specific problems, from dry skin to a deodorizing shampoo which claims to even remove skunk scent. For more information, visit bobbipanter.com.

Smart dogs are a blessing and a curse. Left to their own devices, they’ll destroy your universe out of sheer boredom. Enter interactive dog toys like the Seek-A-Treat Shuffle Bone Dog Puzzle. The toy has ten compartments with six sliding disks. Hide a treat in a compartment, and let your dog go to work at finding the treat. Available at dog.com.

Looking for something for the feline in your life? Look no further than the Kitty Connection Creative Play System. When your cat plays with one of the attached toys, a toy on the opposite side will move or make noise, grabbing your cat’s attention and keeping her interest. Whether you choose the four-toy Essentials Kit with one scratching post, or the Deluxe Kit with eight toys and two posts, cats are sure to keep themselves entertained. Both are available at Petco.

Why should dogs and cats have all the fun when there are bird gifts like the Parrot Pinata Bird Toy? Made of natural materials perfect for keeping beaks conditioned and your bird engaged with her environment, it’s a great gift for your favorite feathered friend. Another option is the Booda Comfy Cross Bird Perch. Made out of braided cotton fabric rope, the perch can be shaped to fit any space in your bird cage, adjusted to different heights for various perching surfaces, and can even be shaped into a swing. The best part of this perch is it never looses its shape! Both are available at petsmart.com.

If you’ve ever had a pet rodent, you’ve faced the problem of where to put her while you clean her cage. A shoebox is less than secure and can’t be any fun for your friend. And let’s face it. Sometimes you just want to let her run around. With the Kaytee Run-About Exercise Ball, your hamster or mouse can run through the house, all from the safety of a plastic ball. Available at Amazon.com in several sizes for mice to ferrets.

Whoever you’re shopping for, any of these ideas are sure to be a winner. To make it extra-safe, wrap your gift in pet-safe wrapping paper and let your pet share the joy of the gift-giving season.

By: Kim Justen