Give to rescues while you shop: Spotlight on “Pet Rescue RX”


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The Dilemma

Animal shelters and rescue organizations across the nation work hard to provide the love and care that homeless animals need – food, water, a dry place to sleep, and medical attention. The expenses to provide this care rack up, and the recurring need for funding is a constant struggle. In order to cover these expenses, the staff and volunteers spend a lot of their time raising funds through donation solicitation, auctions, dog washes, and a myriad of other activities. They need financial support to free up their time to focus on their missions.
A Hero and His Solution
Veterinarian Glenn Buckley volunteered many hours saving the lives of rescue animals and felt compelled to help these organizations. When he discovered that an online pharmacy earned $16 million in profits in one year, he decided to develop a similar business that would become a major source of funding for shelter and rescue organizations.
He recruited his wife and brother to help, and Pet Rescue Rx was born. Pet Rescue Rx is an online veterinary pharmacy that offers thousands of prescription medications, non-prescription items, and pet products. It sells all the essentials your companion may need, including leading brands – Frontline Plus, K9 Advantix II, Advantage II, Dasuquin, Greenies, and Heartgard. However, this pharmacy is not like the others. One hundred percent of the net profits go into funding efforts for shelter and rescue.

How You Can Help 

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When you make a purchase at Pet Rescue Rx, you provide financial support to shelters, rescues, spay and neuter clinics, veterinary care, and pet adoption programs. Plus, you get to choose the organization you want to support with every purchase! When you place an order, you can donate to an animal rescue on the list or add your favorite one to a drop-down box.
Over one hundred rescue organizations have signed up, and Pet Rescue Rx is currently licensed to sell prescriptions in twenty-one states, including Utah. However, they can sell nonprescription items in any state, such as flea and tick products, supplements, and any item which does not have the Rx symbol.
The Pet Rescue Rx website is easy to navigate. You can browse by body ailments, supplies, vitamins, or the type of medication your companion needs. If for some reason you need assistance or dislike online shopping, there is a toll-free number (1-855-307-7940) you can call. According to customer reviews, the prices are competitive with other retailers, delivery time is fast, and customer service is well rated.