Web Banner AdMoving in the New Year?  A move can bring many challenges to families with companion animals. We spoke to Tracy Thomas, with Urban Utah Homes and Estates, (your dog friendly realtor), for help with making this transition easier for you and your WHOLE family.

PICM:  What is

TRACY: DOGFRIENDLYRENTAL.COM is a site where apartments or homes allowing pets can be listed for free in one place. In a perfect world, I would like all rentals to be dog friendly, but I’m going to work on that one landlord at a time.

PICM: Is there a benefit to landlords who list on your site?

TRACY:  Landlords who rent to tenants with pets have been found to enjoy 11.6% rental premium over landlords who don’t allow pets. Even with expensive rent, tenants with dogs tend to pay more and stay longer. This can increase the profit margin for rentals because responsible tenants with dogs from our site rise to a higher level of responsibility.

PICM:  Is the site user friendly?

TRACY:  The site is free all the time, it is very easy to use, and landlords can easily list their rentals that allow dogs. It is also easy for renters to search for a place to live where their beloved companion animals are also welcome.

PICM:  Why did you decide to provide as a free service?PICMJanIssue2KJ.indd

TRACY:  I’ve volunteered my service to animals in Utah for over 15 years, at the Salt Lake County Animal shelter and Best Friends Animal Society. It has been very rewarding for me. My companion animal rescues are my children and my family. When I see families who feel it is necessary to give up their animals because of housing, it tears at my heartstrings and those of all the people involved in animal rescue. I could not stand by and watch as families said goodbye.

PICM:  Tracy, isn’t this an expense to you each month, for the upkeep of a site like

TRACY:  Yes, but this is my donation to the community and has been for the past 3 years.  If you have a house for rent, please consider, or as a tenant go to the site and prepare a Doggie resume.

PICM:  What is a doggie resume?

TRACY:  The doggie resume provides vet records. It suggests you consider spaying or neutering your pet; this will cut down on behavior issues like marking, aggression and is a step toward controlling the pet overpopulation crisis. Get a letter from your trainer, daycare, walker, sitter or vet about the fabulous behavior of your dog.  Any certificate from a puppy class and/or a picture of your dog in a social situation will go a long way. The doggie resume provides the landlord with necessary information at a glance, for help in securing a new home for all.

If you have a house for rent, please consider listing on