Meeka: Trucking Down the Road


Picture this: ​A couple of ​truckers on the road, traveling the country together, one a professional truck driver, the other a very large Macaw.

Their story began when Rick walked into my bird store to pick up food for Daniella, his Umbrella Cockatoo, when a beautiful, large, blue and gold Macaw in the corner caught his eye. He caught hers too. Meeka began to show off for him, flapping her wings and chattering up a storm.

Curiosity peeked, Rick stopped by the store every day for the following week, trying to figure out if they would be a good match for each other.

Meeka is an outgoing, happy bird with a large vocabulary. Rick wanted to rescue Meeka and give her a forever home, but Macaws need lots of attention. Rick wasn’t sure he would be around enough to give her the home she deserves.

Then Rick asked if Meeka could go on the road with him in the truck.

“Well,” we said, “bring the truck and we will see.” Many truckers travel the road with family members and companion animals, so it is not unheard of. We decided to give it a try.

The next day Rick brought the truck with the passenger seat removed and a giant cage all ready for his new avian best friend.

We let Meeka see the big truck. Turned out it was no big deal; she liked it. Meeka actually mimicked the sound of the truck, burrrrr.

Meeka took her first ride in the truck, and the rest is history.

Once, they were stopped by a Florida officer who asked to see Rick’s paperwork. Meeka looked around Rick and asked the officer “Why?” Then, she turned her back on the officer and let out a sigh!

Rick drives on the east coast now, but, last we heard, they are doing great. Keep on trucking, Rick and Meeka.

Meeka & Rick meeka

By: Ronaleigh Wheelright